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    HELP - Data Migration Hung with no progress bar on screen


      Hi.  I just purchased a 600GB model.  Transfering from my HP laptop running Win7 x64 using a usb->SATA connector.  Data migration software loaded fine, immediately recognized both my HDD (one partition only, 110GB), started the transfer last night.  It quickly started, and then rebooted.  Following reboot the laptop screen only showed some white noise junk along the top edge of the screen (about 1/4" high), but the HDD light on the laptop was blinking quickly, so I assumed everything ok.  It is now about 16 hours later, and the same thing is on the screen, and HDD light still blinks, just not quite so furiously as before.


      I re-read the documentation and it indicated the migration software should have shown me a progress bar during the transfer.


      I guess I need to restart the transfer?  Is that so?

      If I need to terminate the transfer, how can I do that *safely* and not corrupt the HDD -- and be able to reboot to it again?


      Thanks!  I need a solution quickly over this weekend, because early Monday morning I'm headed on a business trip & need the laptop.

      - Neil