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    i7 2630QM short freezing problem


      Hi, i bought the new toshiba laptop Qosmio x770 with the i7 263QM processor.

      I'm having a little 1-2 sec freezing, the mouse on the desktop while the freezing happens if i move it from left to right or in any straight line its moving, stopping, stopping moving stopping, so freezing like that, not tottaly freezing partical freezing. It happens in desktop, it happens in games. If i do nothing and go opening a new windw in chrome, or opening a new program it freezes like described above, not always, but more often and often. First i thought it was the memory, but i've tried other modules thas were 100% allright and there was the same problem, was checking the disk, nope still there. I'm now sure that the processors is causing the problem, i have 2 monitor graphs which i took picture when the partical freezing happens. I have windows 7 64bit.


      What could cause the problem ?