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    Connecting new Vaio CA to TV via HDMI results in BSoD


      I have a problem connecting my new Vaio CA to my TV through HDMI. I have returned it to Sony twice and they have said there is no hardware problem. Scouring the internet I have come across other people with the same problem, with suggestions of running the computer in Ubuntu, installing older drivers, doing a clean install of Windows (2 factory resets have not solved the problem).


      When I attach the HDMI cable, it always automatically switches to Clone / Mirror mode. I can switch off the external display via FN+F7 or Windows+P, but attempting this through the Intel, Windows or Vaio settings always results in a crash. Selecting either Extended desktop or External only, through any method, results in a crash.


      Whenever I attach the cable, the Vaio HDMI controls pop up for resolution selection, but 1080 is always unselectable. Any attempts at resolution change through Windows or Intel controls results in a crash. The first time I connect the cable after a factory reset, the built in display breaks up and jumps about.




      Intel HD 3000 / AMD 6630M (switchable)
      4GB RAM




      LG 26LU5000.


      I get various different bluescreen crashes, and there was no minidump file last time I checked. The crashes I have made a note of so far are as follows:


      PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA stating 'igdpmd64.sys'


      SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXECEPTION stating 'dxgkrnl.sys'


      BAD_POOL_HEADER with no file mentioned.




      Is this a driver / Windows / external hardware problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.