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    DH67BL Bios 0128 - now backtracked - strange TV Card Problems. Downgrade?


      Unfornutanelly I have updated my DH67BL to Bios 0128 (now backtracked from Download Center)


      and have strange Problems with my TV Card (PCI Tevii 464)


      Mediacenter does not recognize it anymore or freezes. There seems to be something wrong with PCI bus?!?


      Everything that was changed was to change Bios from 0125 to 0128!


      Even with a new fresh Win7 Installation same behaviour.


      I tryed to downgrade and flash 0125 again, but it seems to be impossible !?


      Dos, Windows Flash Routine and Bios Recovery with F7 do not work.


      Anybody can give helb to get my MediacenterPC running again?


      Thank You!