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    accessing ss4200e DOM on a Mac


      I'm trying to find the cheapest/easiest way of accessing the DOM on a Mac. I have an IDE to USB adapter, but it's for regular IDE devices (male IDE). If I get these two cables, will I be able to access the DOM like a regular HD?


      2 inches 40-Pin Male to Male IDE Gender Changer, FI-G02


      Molex 4-pin to 2-pin Power Adapter Cable

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          The DOM used in the SS4200-E is a PQI 256MB 40 pin DOM (part number DJ0256M22RI0). It uses a standard 40 pin IDE connector. I don't know if IDE to USB will work, never done that before, so you'll have to figure that out. The DOM does fit into a standard motherboard 40 pin IDE connector. Motherboard male, DOM female connectors.


          There is a power cable for the DOM used in the SS4200-E. I don't know if the Molex one you show has the correct DOM connector. The DOM power connector is keyed to provide correct polarity when connected to the DOM.