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    Scale screen settings dysfunctional


      My system is an Acer Aspire 4741g with dual Nvidia Geforce 540M GT / Intel HD Graphics. Whenever I try to change screen scaling from 'Scale full screen' to 'Maintain aspect ratio' the drivers simply ignore my choices and revert back to 'Scale full screen'. My drivers were re-installed yesterday through Windows Update (08/09-2011) after trying the latest from Acer's homepage so I know my drivers are up to date. I've noticed others complaining about it in other threads for months and years and still the problem is around.


      Would you people fix this please?

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          In this particular case you may need to check with your computer manufacturer and see if this setting can be actually adjusted.


          Keep in mind that what you have is an Original Equipment Manufacturer computer, so depending on what your Original Equipment Manufacturer has enabled or customized on your system, you can enabled or disable certain things, but not all of them.


          So, use the driver provided directly by your Original Equipment Manufacturer, and check with them if the issue persists.