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    Problems with my new DX58SO2 motherboard


      Hello, I recently bought a DX58SO2 motherboard with a I7 960 this was all fresh out of the box brand new. i got it all put to gether along with liquid cooling[corsair H50] put 8 gigs of pc3 12800 1600mhz 1000 watt coolermaster powersupply,Gtx 460 graphics card. i get this alltogether and go to start it up and i have lights on the motherboard for the powersybol and reset buttons and a little green light but nothign else i hit the powere button on my case and nothing no fans turning on no nothing now i thought well power supply must not be working right so i took my old 650 out of my old computer and pluged it in still the same issue so i have came to the conclusion it must be the board any ideas i have taken out the ram same thing along with the graphics card. i just dont knwo what to do.