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    E7-8837 and X5570 - Hyper-V CPU Compat?


      I have several existing x5570 based servers running in a Hyper-VM cluster farm managed by Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2.  I would like to expand the farm, but obviously technology has moved on.  I am considering adding


      3 more E7-8837 based hosts


      4 more x5675 based hosts


      My question revolves around the VM's and CPU compatibility.  Will I be able to add either of these processor types to the existing farm WITHOUT having to enable CPU Compatibility on the vm's in Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2?  I can't seem to find that answer anywhere.


      (In case it isn't clear, I'm referring to the "Allow migration to a virtual machine host with a different processor" setting on the properties of the CPU assigned to the vm in Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2)