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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver - timing out too early




      Is anyone able to tell me why these drivers (I'm using 10.6 on a Z68 chipset in AHCI mode - Windows 7 x64) timeout an IOCTL_ATA_PASS_THROUGH_DIRECT I/O command *long* before the timeout value specified in the 'TimeOutValue' field of the ATA_PASS_THROUGH_DIRECT structure?


      When trying to perform a 'Secure Erase' on a HDD, it can take several hours - rather than the few seconds it takes for an SSD to do the same job.


      The Intel RST drivers prevent it (the 'Security Erase Unit' command) from working on a HDD because they just timeout after what appears to be 3 - 5 minutes... even when I've specified a TimeOutValue that's equivalent to a good few hours.


      Thanks in advance!