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    Which bios flash should i use RS2BL040


      I just purchased new a RS2BL040 raid card for my gaming rig pc, however i'm attempting to update the firmware on it.  I'm not sure how to update the firmware any other way but through the web console which is fine, execpt when i downloaded the most recent firmware package i see that i have two choices of firmwares to use the first is a small size file which i used and now the board appears to be slight more unstable than what was previously installed, and a second firmware which is a 8mb file much large.  My question is which firmware flash should i use?  I'm using a evga ftw3 motherboard currently and i'm affraid that my rom available is limited.  I starting to think that trying to use this card was probably a bad idea to try and optimize 6gb/s throughput.  Does anyone have any in put or ideas please let me know. thanks =)