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    RMM3 http web interface & ssh problems - BMC FW 00.57


      I have installed RMM3 on a S5520HC board, have flashed everything to latest FW package (59;57;30;112) and performed a power cycle.

      The web server and remote console has worked without a problem for a while. However, after a while it becomes unresponsive.


      I can ping the RMM3 NIC and connect via ssh, but in this later case I get the following message:


      Failed to communicate with IPMI stack..
      Discovery of Targets Failed......exiting
      Initialization Of Smash Failed......Exiting


      - I have no IP configured at BMC NIC1 and an IP configured at NIC3, different from OS IP at NIC1.


      It seems as if the BMC and/or RMM3 hangs after being working for a while. - I cannot reset the server every time this happens; else I would be using the production OS to troubleshoot the RMM3, which is the opposite of what should be!


      Any idea on how to solve this issue, or at leat to reset the BMC/RMM3 without rebooting the server?


      Thanks a lot!