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    igfxsrvc.exe on Win7 pro 64




      I have a HP Elite 8200 (Win7Pro64Bit) with Intel mainboard and integrated HD video. I made a fresh installation, latest drivers from Intel.

      In task manager there is no igfxsrvc.exe, but when a open IE or Chrome, there shows igfxsrvc.exe un it comes with windows sound like USB flash was inserted. Then it disappers un after some time shows again again. And all the time with this sound...


      What to do?


      Waiting for some help...

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          It is not normal that igfxsrvc.exe is being popping up when your Internet browser is running.


          What you may be experiencing is a driver corruption, or there a malware application running in the background.


          I suggets you to check your system and verify that there is no malicious software running, if not and if the issue persists, try loading the latest driver again or reload the operating system or use a restore point.