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    On going problem with C&C: Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge


      Very annoying problem...I first had a H67 board with HD 2000 and game didn't work and now I tried runing it with the Intel HD 3000 chip and it doesn't work either (same exact problem), I get to the menu and no animation, problems with the menu itself, in short, you can't play the game. I also tried running it through Lucid as the dedicated graphics card runs the game no problem, I get a DDRAW.dll error 80004005. Only way to play the game is connection the monitor to the dedicated graphics card...VERY annoying. I looked this problem on google and found out people who have Intel HD graphics on their laptops got it to work by setting the power settings in the IGP control panel to "High Performance" but that option obviously does not exist on the desktop machines. It's very ironic that it does work on undergraded IGP on laptops and not on the IGP HD2000/3000.


      Please fix your drivers Intel.

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