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    Help! Recovering win7 boot drive on SSD cache disk.


      My PC config is as such:


      - Windows 7 64bit, AsRock Z68 Extreme4 Intel i7-2600k CPU.
      - Western Digital 1TB BLUE SATA III cached (os & data) on a 40GB Intel 320 SSD


      It crashed with BSOD recently and when it boot, it goes to Windows Boot Manager (DOS screen), with an error: Windows failed to start.... 
      File: \Boot\BCD  
      Status: 0xc000000f  
      Info: An error occured while attempting to read the boot configuration data.


      So I attempt to recover the system with Windows Recovery Disk, which does NOT find any Windows instance!

      (I suspect it's because the Intel SRT windows drivers are not loaded at this point?)


      At the system command prompt, the "C: Drive" is not found. So I can't use the tools like bootrec.exe to rebuilt my BCD.


      Question are:

      1) Are there anyway I can load the windows Intel SRT drivers at recovery?

      2) How can I recover my boot sector in my case?


      Incidently, I boot this PC with ubuntu linux o/s and can see the 1TB file system, however I discover that many of my files are missing at folder levels, especially all my folders in My Media (frequently accessed) are not found. Are they stored in the SSD cache? How can I "flush" them to the HDD now?