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    NO functional driver for i3-2100t integrated gfx at all


      Hi, since the thread where the problem was originaly discussed was first marked as "solved" and later closed to shut mouths of silly customers who bought products from latest Intel Sandy Bridge series, I'd like to start a new one.


      My setup: W7 64bit, 4GB RAM, Core i3-2100t, Motherboard: Asus P8H61-M, BIOS - latest version from Asus, VBIOS - 2080, Intel gfx driver: 2266 (latest and the only one provided by Asus)


      This (2266) is the only driver that has no problem with HDMI connection, so I can use my HTPC as intended. However (to weaken that "no problem" statement) - if HDMI is connected, I get black screen after W7 "3 color points circling" animation and my DVI connected monitor says "mode out of range". Solution (since there is login screen right now, it's just not visible) is to log in blindly and later press Ctrl+Alt+F4 twice.


      I've tried all suggested driver versions that work for other people, I've tried latest 2476, all of them either BSOD (like the one provided in Windows update) when I connect HDMI or have different problems (2476 - login ok, no hdmi bsod, BUT glitches when using DXVA & ~6x picture dissapearance for 2s during 2 hour movie playback e.g.; it has problems with 23hz mode too - fallbacks to insane 1024x768x60).


      So - that leaves me with NO options at all, reading all the threads, I've completely lost hope & trust in Intel (I've tried to confirm an idea that everything is ok on Intel boards - but that's false too, even those have problems), I don't think they're able to solve these issues, this is the latest product I've bought from them.



      feel free to mark this problem as "solved" or as irrelevant, I don't care