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    itoolkitw.exe BIOS problem




      Interesting problem using the itoolkitw.exe and associated files with the Intel Integrated Toolkit. Here are the details:


      Intel(R) Integreator ToolkitW Version (Package 4.0.3)

      Have itoolkitw.exe and all other required files such as invoker.sys, preferences.ini in same directory on USB stick

      Permissions on USB stick are set to Everyone -> Full control.


      Attempting to modify the following type of system:

      CPU: E7500 Core 2 Duo

      Mobo: DG31PR

      BIOS version: 0065.2009.0421.1559


      I have a bat script that i run, that contains the following statement:

      itoolkitw.exe extract -smbios -ini=biosTest.ini


      On one machine, this is succesful and states:

      Retrieving data for SMBIOS
      Operation completed succesfully.


      On another machine, identical to the last (BIOS all the same, hardware the same, image the same), when I run the bat script I get the following:

      Target BIOS not supported
      The system configuration is not supported.


      This is happening on a few scattered machines, with no obvious differences between them.


      Any help would be appreciated!!!