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    DH67CF and i5-2500t or i5-2390t processors




      I am considering purchase of a DH67CF but would like to use an i5-2500t or i5-2390t processor instead of those listed on the support page:




      I understand that use of high heat/TDP processors is not advised with this board, but the i5-2500t and i5-2390t are both quite low in that regard (at 45W and 35W max TDP respectively), so I didn't understand why they were left off that list.


      Also, I'm not sure I see either the i5-2500t or i5-2390t coming with stock Intel heat sinks.  Is a heatsink strictly required for those processors?


      All feedback welcome.

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          First of all a heatsink is required and unless it's a big one you will also need a fan. Secondly the processors you want to use will most probably work just fine and the reason they're not on that list is probably because at the time the motherboard was released the processors wheren't being sold and have therefor not been tested.