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    I5-2400 gaming lag




      A while ago I've 'upgraded' my pc with a I5-2400 + DH67CLB3 cpu/motherboard. In some games I've noticed some kind of lag not related to the game fps.

      Even though the fps is stable the game moves as if something is forcing the cpu in the background. I mean, I thought that a quad core at 3Ghz would pretty much handle the load all the time.


      I've also tested numerous video cards so I can rule out that possibility. It's like the game works fine for a while and then, the lag reappers, periodically. And I also notice some kind of frame skipping, vsync on/off. It usually happens when there is some activity in the game, lots of units and so on. If I pause the game the lag is gone.


      BIOS and all drivers are up to date so far. Anyone else had this problem ?

      Thanks in advance


      CPU: Intel i5-2400

      RAM: 4GB

      PSU: Corsair 550vx

      GPU: Gigabyte 550Ti Gtx

      OS: XP SP3