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      Hi, I've really been dying to fix this problem..


      I started noticing my computer has been slowing down from start ups to loading games..


      I checked for all sorts of problems spywares and viruses, uninstalled many programs, defragmented, disk clean up, etc..

      (i really try and take care of my computer)


      I downloaded monitoring programs and found that my CPU TEMP


      idle was 55-65, whilst playing games it reaches 80-100... degrees, also got sick of that warning beeping noise..


      Also found it weird that my RPM on all my fans were 0.


      So i went to computer store near me where i bought my computer.


      He told me that the CPU fan sensor is broken (which was the one that came with my Intel i7)


      and that I could get warranty for both CPU and the fan (as the CPU is most likely been damaged), but it would at least take 2-3 months... I'm in senior years in high school, assessment.. etc, hardcore gamer.. i don't think i can live

      without it for 3 months..


      So, since the sensor is broken, my CPU heats up pretty high, and i can't seem to change my fan speed from BIOS or any MONITORING PROGRAMS..


      Firstly i was wondering if i could get warranty ANY way FASTER

      and change my CPU FAN speed so that it runs at MAX RPM.


      Thanks in advance =]





      INTEL CORE I7 920 2.67GHz

      6GB RAM

      GEFORCE GTX 250

      EX58-UD4P motherboard

      running on windows 7 64bit


          If your PC still operates, your CPU is not damaged.  If a CPU like your's does overheat, it will shut itself off before it is destroyed.


          I can't believe your PC store did not ask if you wanted to buy and install or have installed a new CPU cooler/fan.  You don't need a fancy one, the store should of had all kinds of stock Intel CPU coolers or similar ones available.  Can you afford the $20 to get one and install it yourself or have someone help you with that?  Don't you have any PC geek friends that can help you?  Anyone with experience could change the cooler in an hour, and you'd have your PC back.


          Find someone that can help you, with the BIOS settings too.  If you're dealing with the store to get warranty service, you'll be waiting for them.  What warranty did the store provide?


            Thanks for the reply,


            Instead of replacing he somehow increase the fan speed to its max RPM...


            And with BIOS settings..


            I checked through every setting on my BIOS system and the only thing i found was the

            CPU FAN which i changed from *ENABLE AUTO

            to *DISABLE which said it will give my CPU FAN MAXIMUM RPM..


            I was worried about warranty only because i was afraid my CPU could have been damaged, but seems like its ok accoridng to you..


            They said to get warranty, they will need to ship my CPU to SINGAPORE (i live in AUSTRALIA) which would take at least 2-3 months..

            The only warranty i had was the one that comes from intel, the one that comes with every CPU..


            i will get a new CPU fan and let you know what happends =]