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    Intel HD graphic overscale my 1080p TV. HELP!



      I got Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3 motherboard with Intel® H55 Express Chipset on it. I equip it with i3 processor. Everything works great except that when I connect my Sony Bravia KDL-46W5500 TV to the HDMI I got oversized picture. I need to go to Advanced properties menu and downsize it to 60 by vertical and horisontal scaling. Why is this happening? A can see the sharpness lowerind with the resizing.


      Please help and advise,




      ps: Got the latest drivers, latest update for Windows 7 inc. SP1

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          I recommend you to review and follow the instructions on this article:




          Especially, make sure to be using the latest driver for the monitor that you connected, update the BIOS of your computer, test using the special driver posted there and use a direct connection between the computer and the TV.

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            I know it's a bit late as the question was a couple of months ago but thought I'd reply in case it's still not sorted or anyone finds the question while looking for a similar issue (like I did!).  I had the same issue on my LG TV with a motherboard from the same Gigabyte series, had to set the scaling to 65% to see the whole screen.  Turned out that the TV is set to 'overscan' by default, in my case choosing the 'just scan' option on the TV fixed it, I think Sony TVs simply refer to it as 'overscan' so try and find that option in your TV menus and turn it off, others may call it 1:1 pixel mapping.  Hope this helps.