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    DH57JG HDMI issue


      My Intel DH57JG has an issue interfaing via HDMI to my Samsung TV.  When I change inputs on the TV, from, for example, HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 (where the PC is on HDMI 2), all I see is static until I turn the TV off and back on. Yes, could be a TV issue, but other computers / video cards work fine.  This seems to be some sort of HDMI handshaking issue between the TV and PC.  Suggestions?





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          HDMI is supposed to be hot-pluggable but in reality this is often problematic. I'd ensure the latest BIOS and drivers are being used with your motherboard otherwise if that makes no difference there may be an upgrade for your TV (no harm in contacting the manufacturer and explaining). Otherwise you'll be stuck with having to connect everything how you want it in your final setup and having the TV turned on before booting the PC.