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    Can't install Windows 7 using redirect CD-ROM



      I have a PC. Configuration = Intel DQ57TM motherboard with latest BIOS, Core i5 660 and no CD/DVD drive.

      From laptop I connect using Intel vPro AMT to a PC. Run Intel Manageability Terminal Tool for disk redirect - mount ISO from laptop drive with Windows 7.

      Then I do a remote reboot to redirect CD:


      Computer sucsessfully rebooted, I connect using VNC, installation begin. But when I choose a disk I got an error:

      setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition

      I read Windows installer logs and as I see - if we use redirect cd option in Intel AMT then we have no bootable HDD in BIOS. We have only bootable CD device. And Windows do not want to install on PC with no bootable HDD. Very strange solution from Intel - why they remove bootable HDD from BIOS to change boot order?


      Maybe where is a workaround? I can't use RIS and PXE now.