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    dx58s0 i7 950 fan question




      After a time of using my computer it cooling performance is not doing well so I decided to do some cleaning. Found some dust nothing serious.


      Stand by temps are ok, but when using all cores my 4 memory banks get very hot, so I was wondering if there is a way to make the original CPU fan pull air intead of pushing air to my memory modules?


      My thermaltake case has 2 fans pulling air out very close to the CPU and memory, still memory bank get veeery hot and cause some random app crash or in some cases even overheat shutdown. I was thinking on installing a memory heat sink but there is little room for it and it may affect the CPU air flow,  I bet inveting the CPU fan will improve my memory temps a lot.


      Thanks in advance.



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          The processor's fan runs to one way only, but  try to boot to the BIOS then “configuration”  “fan control “ and finally “lowest fan speed” and move it form slow to off, that will permit the processor's fan run faster when it is need it. That should be enough to keep the processor cool even when all the cores are running.