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    Need help building up a Lab workstation


      Hello everyone,


      I am planning to build up a workstation for a lab setup at my home as my previous intel board DG33FB got screwed up and I am planning to invest in a workstation class motherboard and a Xeon processor.


      I will be running a lot of virtual machines in my lab.


      Wanted the help of you guys:


      I am planning to by the S5520SC motherboard and a Xeon processor.

      I have yet not shortlisted any processor and am planning for something under 2.5Ghz.


      I wanted to know whether S5520SC is a suitable board for running virtualiation, which processor should go with and wanted to know which power supply and chassis should i use for this kind of setup.


      Waiting for your reply and guidance.


      Also can anyone on this forum point me to a reliable Intel Dealer here in Mumbai,India that can help me build my machine.