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    DQ45CB will not post after BIOS change. HELP!


      Hey folks... new to the forum.


      I'm having a big urgent problem. Seeking to run a 3 monitor setup, I set the onboard video on my intel DQ45CB motherboard as the default video card in the BIOS, while leaving my Saphire Radion 1600X pro in the PCIe slot. I'd researched and seen in many posts that was possible and as simple as choose the onboard video as default in the BIOS. After making the adjustment, I tried to reboot and now it won't even post. I tried removing the PCIe card. I tried recovering the bios using a thumb drive, following intructions on the intel site... I did remove the jumper and tried it in normal/configuration/recovery modes. I removed the cmos battery and let the machine sit for 3 hours before putting it back in and repeating all of the above. No change.


      Fans and lights all work but not even a beep. It appears to be cycling through the various drives... my dvd rom light will flash, then the flash drive, then the hard drive light... over and over for all of time it seems if I let it.


      I bought the intel board brand new and it had worked perfectly for a year right up to this change.


      Any suggestions? I'm in trouble here if I can't fix the system... I have projects that are running late and I can afford to just go out and start replacing parts right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.