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    problem with dh55tc..


      hi eveyone,i have got a big damn prob on this piece of mobo.i am not able to just find the right solution for this.i use my pc for surfing and creating my academic projects and a bit of intense gaming.last week as usual when i powered on my pc,i was shocked to find that i am not able to enter my os in normal mode.i couldnt even get inside the bios.although i could see the bios when i tap f2 for 3 to 4 secs and then the monitor powers off and i could see the monitors power light blinking.when i enter the win os all i could see is the win logo loading and then after a couple of seconds the monitor powers off though i can hear the win logon sound and see the hdd led glowing.i can enter safe mode and see the advanced options for windows.each and evey component including fans,chasis lights,hard drive,graphic card etc.... works without a prob.


      the mobo does beep 2 times during bootup.and i can see the nvidia and intel splash screens showing on my screen.i did try clearing the cmos battery and reseating the video card and it never helped.updating the graphic driver would help some times in getting me to normal mode but again the monitor powers off after an hour or so.also tried the reseating the ram and inter changing the slots .just no results.i have even tried booting in minimal configuration but no luck.


      my pc spes are:

      i7 860 processor

      intel dh55tc mobo

      4 gb kingston rams

      nvidia geforce 9400gt

      win7 ultimate 64 bit

      psu from iball and was recommended by intel.power requirement exactly as needed to run all of these hardware components


      i just bought this pc last year.and i am totally gone down in hopes.any suugestions would be greatly helpful.

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          Based on the symptoms it looks to be a video card problem. The 2 beeps mean video errors, in this case the PCI Express slot is detecting problem on the video card:

          Please check the following link for detail information: page 67 table 37 “BIOS Beep Codes”


          Also as you can hear the Windows boot up sound normally, but not video.

          Now in regards the system booting up on safe mode, is because the video requirements in that mode are lower than the normal mode.  I suggest trying other video card, to narrow the problem on the video card.