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    Intel Centrino Advanced 6230 causing frequent computer freezes


      I recently purchased a Dell XPS 15 L502X with the Intel Centrino Advanced 6230...right out of the box, the computer had freeze/lockup issues when idle--in screen saver/going to sleep, etc.  Some lockups while in use, but mostly while idle.  Early on, Dell replaced pretty much every piece of hardware because we couldn't identify the specific cause.  A month or so later, I went on vacation and the laptop would not find G networks.  While a tech was out replacing the wireless card, he found that the connectors were fried.  Got new connectors, began finding G networks again...and the lockups started again.  Needed the back story because upon further testing with Dell we have found the problem.  It is the wireless.  When the wireless is toggled off (while the computer is not in use) it does not freeze.  It goes to sleep, comes out of screen saver/sleep just fine.  With the wireless toggled on, it freezes in screen saver, sometimes going to sleep, but always at idle times.  I have the power setting set at max performance.  I have updated to the latest drivers.  Dell is now sending me yet another wireless card, but I'm not so sure that's going to solve the problem.


      Recap--problem:  with wireless turned on--computer freezes/locks up while at idle.  Also intermittently while online (always hear the fan kick up to high right before it locks up.)  With wireless turned off--no freezes/lockups...


      Any ideas Intel folks?

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          Nothing, huh?  Anyone else experiencing this??  I have had 4 wireless cards replaced by Dell home service under my warranty, and 2 motherboards...system still intermittently freezes while in screen saver, while online, and while attempting to sleep.  My only recourse at the moment is to toggle off the wireless card every time I leave the system for more than 5 minutes.  At times, even turning off all idle power options (screen saver, dim, sleep, etc.) the system will lock up with no power saving setting selected.  It locks up more often while sitting there with no programs running than it does when I'm online.


          I have done much troubleshooting with Dell and it is a solid confirmation that it is the wireless card.  Intel, please fix your piece of crap card or issue a replacement card that doesn't lock up while it's doing nothing.