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    Boot problem


      I have an Intel CN41 board in my assembled PC, as  I power ON my PC,

      and when the INTER screen came there are scratches on the screen and I have to restart My PC...

      coz it doesn't continue...

      So what to do with these scratches ??????   

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          Do you mean DG41CN?

          If that is the case, give it a try with a BIOS recovery to the latest version.

          1)      Turn the system off

          2)      Remove all the peripherals (keyboard, mouse and cd, DVD drive)

          3)      Remove the BIOS jumper from the board

          4)      Load the CN0018P.BIO file in an empty flash drive hopefully no bigger than 2g and connect it to the back panel of your board

          5)      Turn the system on and wait for 10 minutes until you see the BIOS update screen.

          6)      Then boot to the BIOS and check the latest BIOS version was loaded correctly.

          You can get the latest BIOS version for the following link:


          Please bear in mind the board is End of Interactive Support, but can get all the information about latest drivers and BIOS updates on the Intel site. www.intel.com

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            What led up to these 'scratches' occurring? If your hard disk drive has an error or contains corrupted data, this sort of failure to boot problem can occur. If you have a restore CDROM or image of your PC (some manufacturers have a Factory Recovery facility that does the same), you can use this and get things back to how they were from day one. You'll may loose any data you've not backed up however. Otherwise you may find that, depending on your operating system, you may be able to use the system recovery options on the OS installation DVD (or HDD if the manufacturer designed it this way) or even the recovery console if its Win XP you're using, to perform a Master Boot Record repair. This may do the trick depending on exactly what the 'scratches' are. Can you take a photo of the scratches and post them here - just to give us a clearer idea of the problem?