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    Is 800FSB processor compatible with 1066FSB motherboard?

      I had a problem with one my computers. One of my friend checked and suggested that it might be a problem with processor.
      The one i had was a dual core 3.0 ghz processor(not sure about the model number).
      I have a mercury PI945GCM motherboard.
      I bought a new processor intel E5700, 3Ghz, LGA775, 65W, 800FSB(Dual core).
      When I used the E5700 and booted it only stops on the first Mercury screen. No error message.
      I did a research and found that my motherboard was 1066FSB.
      Is 800FSB processor compatible with 1066FSB motherboard? Is that why the computer is not booting?
      If yes then can i sell this online? Coz I dont think the shopkeeper will take it back. Is this E5700 is a good processor and has good market?
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          Processors are very solid units and is very difficult to have a faulty one, so I will not poit to that yet, but if that is the case you may need to get in contact with the system manufacturer or reseller for replacement. Now, in regards the new Intel processor E5700 if the board has a bigger FSB than the processor, it will become a bottleneck, but it should keep working. The problem could be related with an incompatibility between the processor and the board. I suggest get a CPU support list for mercury PI945GCM motherboard, so you can determine if the processor is compatible or not.