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    Problems with release 70 of DP67DE motherboard BIOS.


      I have had good luck with BIOS updates of other Intel boards but I must say that the August release of the DP67DE BIOS made problems.  Before the update, aside from the unit restarting after it was powered off (unless I held down the power button) the system was pretty stable.  Now that I applied the BIOS update, it locks up if it goes into sleep mode. It will lock up 50% of the time that it boots up shortly before it loads into Windows.  I have made no hardware changes-- these problems manisfested immediatly after the update (I had to restart the computer 4 times to get a succesful boot). I tried rolling it back but the older BIOS update is blacklisted, so it seems until I can pray for a fixed update I will have problems.


      I like Intel products so I don't want to scare people away but DO NOT update your boardwith the 70 series release for the DP67DE.

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          exactly the same problem here! why intel always release crappy bios?? OMG!

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            The latest BIOS for DP67BG also causes the system to be unable to wake properly from sleep mode.

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              You are not the only ones with serious issues on the DP67DE mobo. I'm quite frustraded here as well.


              Here is a list of bugs:


              - Windows 7 DVD (RTM retail) won't boot into UEFI mode if you set "yes" on the "Performance" tab on the BIOS settings and set BIOS crash watchdog to "Enabled". As soon as Windows logo appears the computer will turn off and turn on again saying a previous boot attempt failed. (NO overclocking here!)

              - The system won't boot to an UEFI harddisk by default if you enable quickboot features on the "Boot" tab. That renders one of the benefits of UEFI unusable as you have to wait for the POST screens untill the OS is started to load.

              - The system will completely stop majority of cold boots. You will see Windows logo forever untill you hold down the power button and try to boot several times.

              - The system will crash everytime it goes to sleep, at least with deep sleep feature enabled in the BIOS by default.

              - The BIOS won't let you change voltages for your memories, you can select different ones but it will always remain at 1,5V. This would be useful in case you'd want to use an XMP (Extreme Memory Profile), like my Geil DDRs that could run at 1600MHz.


              These are just the problems I could count myself.


              Now, did you know apparently NOBODY at Intel cares about that? I've searched for an e-mail by which I could send some feedback to the guys responsible for the development of the firmware for this board and nothing, all Intel has to say is: there is no support by e-mail for this product.


              I e-mailed them by the "Contact Us" path and this is their answer:


              "Hello Paulo,


              Thank you for contacting Intel Customer Support.


              If your Intel® product is boxed you will need to call an Intel Technical  Support Center for technical support or warranty replacement.


              The North America Technical Support Center is 916-377-7000.


              If you live in another country you will need to go  to:http://support.intel.com/support/9089.htm to find the Support Center for your  country.


              Please be prepared to provide the date of purchase, markings, system  configuration and trouble shooting details.



              Brian R."


              I will try to call them this Aug 8th morning and see what happens, but  I'm afraid they'll ask me to return this board and get a replacement,  which I won't do unless they give me a completely different product with  different firmware since I know all these are firmware issues.


              I am Brazilian and I think I'll have difficulties contacting the right people and getting a solution for us fast enough.


              Please guys, help me trying to call them you too! You are in the US, things are probably going to be easier for you! From Brazil things will probably be realy slower.


              Please, give me some feedback! Thanks!

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                Guys, I have contacted Intel by chat on their support website. They are not aware of the issue yet as it seems. They asked me to re-run the firmware update, which I did, and that didn't really fix any of the issues I've mentioned previously.


                They were very kind to me and it seems they will route the issues to the appropriate division there. Anyway, I'm the first reporting this to them, so I really need you to do that for us too. Do contact them telling them about the problems. That'll certeinly help so they fix this faster.


                I'll update you on any return they give me.

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                  Ok if I have any updates I will post them as well.

                  I have had limited success in pressing F2 to load BIOS when the system starts, and then immediatly pressing F10 to save the BIOS (even though I haven't changed anyhing).  For whatever reason this allows the system to have a greater chance of booting successfully.  It's a pain but at least I don't have to do 10 minutes of cold starts to get the system to boot as we all seem to be having this problem.

                  I remain with the problem of the system locking up going into sleep mode.  Deep Sleep aka "deep s4/s5" in BIOS is greyed out and disabled for me in BIOS-- I can't even change it.

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                    Hello Wookiestick. Thank you for the tip on how to get to a successful boot. That was already killing me. I had to try so many times and just get my computer frozen at Windows logo!


                    Anyway, S4/S5 is grayed out just because wake from LAN is enabled on your settings. Set that feature off (the one on top of S4/S5) and it will be made available. That won't fix the problem of not being able to go to sleep anyway.


                    I called Intel today to reenforce my requirement of support and it was a bit frustrating. They seemed to be inclined to believe it's an isolated issue that just I am having. It's unlikely that this will get to the people whom make things happen there so they fix things for us. I've tryied at least.


                    I beg you do so, otherwise we're not getting far.


                    Good luck for us!

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                      Appllying the BIOS update 2 times offered no fixes.  Looks like I will have to call them, though it will probably go nowhere.

                      Just to see what would happen, I enabled Deep s4/s5 in BIOS-- same problem with sleep mode with the lockups.  Man, I will never update my BIOS again on my system.

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                        Everybody, GREAT news for all of us owners of DP67DE motherboard!


                        Intel has just released firmware revision 0072 and it completely fixes all issues that appeared after update to revision 0070.


                        I can't say it was because of me but a couple of days (weeks) ago I gave them lots of detail on my hardware, like even S/N, as if they were recognizing I had an issue directly related to buggy released firmware that needed to be fixed. And they did!


                        You've got to update, I did all the test and now everything works.


                        By the way, it seemed to me to be related to my PCI sound card (Creative's SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeMusic) installed on the system. On release 0072 they just updated the module that translates PCI signal into PCI-E, the only supported by P67 chipset.


                        I'm sooooo happy!


                        Just one thing still bothers me: I can't do a fast boot into GPT-formatted disk and UEFI installed Windows as it returns me a no operating system found error. I do have to go through all the boot screens if I want a full UEFI system.

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                          i have Creative's SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeGamer

                          thank you for help!

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                            I have the Soundblaster X-fi Xtremegamer as well.

                            I would have never thought to check that.


                            All the issues seemed to be fixed now that I mentioned before since updating.

                            The only minor problem I have is that 50% of the time from a cold boot my mouse and keyboard do not work in Windows, and I have to reset the computer.

                            I have a USB based logitech g15 illuminated keyboard and a USB Razer Diamondback (1st gen) mouse.  I have tried switching ports but that does nothing.

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                              Paulo Henrique wrote:


                              By the way, it seemed to me to be related to my PCI sound card (Creative's SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeMusic) installed on the system. On release 0072 they just updated the module that translates PCI signal into PCI-E, the only supported by P67 chipset.


                              Do you say the update fixed problems related to the PCI soundcard? How did it work before the update?


                              I have a DP67BG (different board, same chipset) which has problems with PCI cards. Such cards don't work at all or have problems, for instance, cracks/failures in the sound, only some features working (my case, SB Audigy SE). We are still hoping for a solution...

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                                Hey there friend. I'm sorry for the long time it took me to reply to your question. Well, about the PCI thing, what I meant by problem wasn't exactly that. On release 0070 of firmware for DP67DE board Intel added code, or what they call "module", specific for an ITE chip that's in the board which works as a bridge between PCI cards and the PCI-E-only P67 southbridge. The reason for the addition of that code was to "improve performance" as they said in the Release Notes.pdf. Now, the problem was that, after the addition of that code, things wouldn't work properly. When the operating system finished loading the drivers for the PCI device we had, in our specific case, Creative's X-Fi sound cards, the computer would freeze. So, drivers for PCI card loaded = system freeze. That has been fixed as of release 0072 in which the Release Notes.pdf says they've added specific support for apparently a variation of that ITE bridge chip. So, I guess that we were using a subtly different version of the original chip they firstly released firmware 0070 for, thus getting stability issues. That really had nothing to do with the problem you've described.


                                I'd advise you to call them and detail your problem. It can be very frustrating because they'll never want to say it's a faulty firmware. They're just too proud for that. You've got to try though, I mean, if firmware is your problem.


                                Good luck!

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                                  Wookiestick, I've intentionally delayed my reply to you to test things up in here. I gotta tell you I have no issues at all with USB. Now, I remember that in the days of firmware 0067 I used to have problems with USB when I had related Fast (or Quick) Boot option selected on configuration screen under "Boot" tab. I recommend disabling Fast (or Quick) Boot for USB on the configuration screen of the firmware so you have no issues at all, as well. Just to be known, I have a generic USB keyboard from Mtek and a Microsoft Confort 3000 USB mouse.


                                  As said, I have to have disabled all of Fast Boot options if I want to boot to GUID partion table disk and UEFI installed operating system.


                                  I hope to have helped. Post a reply if so!


                                  Cheers mate!

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                                    Hey guys, I realize it's been like 2 years since the last message but I am experiencing serious issues with this motherboard. I have had bios version 0072 installed for a while now, and it was working "ok". I say ok because there is one huge issue.


                                    I'm using Windows 8 and somehow my windows became corrupted after a year. I tried to "refresh" my pc because that's one of the options w8 gives you, to start over without re installing (although you lose all your software but not your files). Anyway, I opted to refresh my windows and by the time is was going to restart (to finish or continue installation) it froze on me. I had to manually shut down the computer holding the power button for some seconds. Of course, when booting windows again it didn't complete the refresh process, and also it wouldn't let me try again because of an "issue" windows had the last time. So basically I had to format my pc and start over.


                                    Also, when installing windows updates and restarting, sometimes it would freeze, like the issue I mentioned above.


                                    Another weird issue (though I'm not sure it's really an issue) is that when entering BIOS setup, CPU FAN is always 100% and cpu temp (as shown in BIOS monitor) is really really high, like over 80 celsius (or somewhere around, don't really remember). Like I said, not sure if that's an issue.. but I wouldn't let my PC turned on while on BIOS setup.. I think it might damage the CPU or other hardware. After BIOS screen is up, and windows starts loading, cpu fan goes back to normal speed, so I think windows is the one that controls fan speed.


                                    Anyway, I looked up for the latest BIOS release (0079) and attempted to flash it. I used the regular "exe" package but it failed. I think the reason is that when restarting windows (automatically by bios update setup) it froze, like usual. When restarting windows, it said that BIOS update had failed.


                                    So I tried to update BIOS using another method. Copying the BIO file on a thumbdrive and pressing F7 on boot screen. The update itself didn't show any errors, but the system rebooted itself without notice and wouldn't restart again. It was on a constant loop, it turned on for 5 secs then off (wouldn't give video also). I feared that my motherboard was bricked, because I tried to recover it by removing the BIOS cfg jumper, but all it did was stay on but didn't show anything on screen.


                                    So I tried for a long time (hours) to get it working, switching jumper from normal, to config mode, removing it, etc, etc until finally I got it to show the BIOS recover message. It picked up my thumbdrive with the BIO file in it but it wouldn't upgrade BIOS saying something like:


                                    BIOS version: 0072

                                    BIOS updated version: 0079


                                    And something about recovery not available from 0072 to 0079


                                    So what I did was get another thumbdrive (the other one was NTFS formatted) this one FAT32 and copied the 0072 bios version and attempted to "reinstall". It worked and my computer went back to normal.


                                    So, I haven't been able to upgrade BIOS at all. Any help is deeply appreciated.

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