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    Epic Warranty NIGHTMARE FAIL


      What a total nightmare.  First, I waited for my RMA number for 4 days before calling.  "No problem, we will re-send it to your email."  2 days after that, I called again.  Again, they say they will email it again.  Finally it did show up.


      So I ship it off using UPS.  No reply, no reply.  Today I call to see where it is in the process.  "We haven't received it yet."  Well, UPS says you did 4 days ago, and has a signature for it. "Well, I will escalate it and call you back."


      Got home this evening and *I* had to call *them* again. "Yes, the escallation resolution says it did find your package.  But the CPU was not in it."


      WHAT?! Are you guys freaking kidding me? It takes you 3 attempts to email an RMA number, you can't even manage to realize you have been in posession of a package for several days, and now you want me to believe that *I* forgot to put the CPU in the box?!


      On top of all that, the freaking guy barely speaks English and can only tell me that he will once again escalate the damn ticket!!


      I have never had any problems with AMD processors, but had heard so many good things about the 2nd gen i7 that I decided to get one.  WHAT A FREAKING MISTAKE!  I had it about 6 months before I had to send it in, and now they are BLAMING ME because they have utterly INCOMPETENT and LOUSY customer service!


      IF I manage to ever get my CPU returned, you can damn well bank that I will NEVER buy another Intel product.