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    DP67BG after BIOS Update to 2053 - Micro Stutter




      i have a Intel DP67BG Desktop Mainboard.

      I'm using the PC to render movies, the PC was fast an stable, even unter full CPU load for days(!)


      After updating the BIOS to 2053 i have some issues with my OS (Win7 x64).

      The OS is stuttering. The Mouse and Keyboard stops for a few milliseconds, also Video or Audioplaying and Network stops for milliseconds.

      I updated all drivers (i downloaded them from the Intel Downloadpage).


      I also re-installed Windows, but the problem still exists.


      CPU: Intel Core i7-2600

      8 GB RAM, 1x AMD HD6800 series VGA,

      6x HDD (2x WD Velocy Raptor SATA, RAID 0, 4x Samsung 1 TB RAID5)

      RST Driver and Tool is also up-to-date.

      no other PCIe or other Addon-Cards are installed on the Board.

      400 Watt PSU


      I tried:

      - Disconnect the power cord

      - Disabled Firewire and the Marvell Controller

      - Reset BIOS to default settings

      - Re-Installed Windows

      - Enabled all Fast-Boot Options in BIOS

      - disabled USB3.0 controller in BIOS


      Any other ideas or suggestions ?