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    Audio Bit Streaming on Intel DH61CR?




      I have got an Intel DH61CR for my new computer,

      but I cannot bit stream audio to my HDTV connected to the DVI port via HDMI cable.

      I am using a converter that used to bit stream audio from ATi HD 4k cards which works in the past.


      Does it mean this board does not support Audio Bit streaming via the DVI port?

      Just want to make sure if this is available or I will just get the audio via the audio port.

      Thank you.

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          Intel* does not recommend the usage of any adapter as they may or may not work on the system  and can reduce the quality of the video and/or audio. In this particular case you may need to get the audio via the audio jacks located on the back panel of your boards

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            Thank you for your reply,

            after some investigation, I worry that Audio Bit Stream is not available via a DVI-D port on your board, as I cannot find the audio output setting in BIOS available on some HDMI port included Intel boards.


            Therefore, I have already bought a RCA cable to output via the audio jack to the TV.

            Also, maybe I have to ask again that, does the board Intel S1200KP support audio bit streaming?

            From one of your technician, it is AVILABLE on that board but from this case DH61CR, it looks that answer is wrong.(I have the transcript of the conversation in Live Chat).

            Maybe you have to state it clear if a board would support bit streaming or not, as this will be critical if someone is building a HTPC.

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              You can get the audio Bitstream via the audio jacks on the board even using the front panel audio header you can set up a 5.1 surround playback, but Intel does not support audio stream via the DVI ports.

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                I see, thank you for your reply.


                My understanding with "Audio BitStreaming" is outputing digital audio signal with the HDMI or other compatible connections to other devices like TVs, not sure if I am wrong.

                This term was first seen by me on my ATi HD 4850 and it did work as it stated, Audio together with Video Signal output from a DVI port via a HDMI cord to the TV without a 2nd connection.


                In your case of outputing audio from onboard jacks to TV, I regarded it as a Line Out which Analog signal is transferred.


                I am not sure if it is my wrong understanding for making the mistake in thinking that if one supports Audio Bit streaming it means to stream digital signal on the same connection of video signal transfer.

                If I did, I am sorry for the trouble.