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      Dear MARC community,


      While running bare metal applications, we faced the problem of getting

      debug information from cores to the MCPC.

      The sccGui shows data send from the SCC via pseudo UART, but

      lacks the possibility of logging into files.

      Furthermore, using the GUI with our remote access from Germany

      is not much fun.

      Since everything else in our build chain can be done from a terminal,

      we implemented a new command line tool: sccUART.


      It is designed to run on the host pc and captures all

      characters that the SCC sends by calling out to either

      0x2f8 or 0x3f8.

      Once a core send 80 characters or a newline char, this data, preceded

      by the processor identifier, is printed.

      This buffering data avoids a mixup of output from different cores.

      Additionally, sccUART can create a file for each core's output.


      Example invocation:

      ./sccUART -f log


      Example output:

      0: This is core 0.


      Created files: log0, log1, …, log47


      'tail -f log0' allows to track only rck00's output


      Example asm code to run on SCC (nasm style)


      ; void __outprint(char c);

      global __outprint



         push ebp

         mov ebp, esp ; save caller context


         push edx


         mov eax, [ebp+8] ; get parameter


         mov edx, 0x2f8

         out dx, al ; sent parameter to mcpc


         pop edx


         pop ebp



      The tool's implementation bases on sccGui and sccDump and,

      thus, you need a qt installation for building it.

      Unfortunately, qt is not part of the standard MCPC software and

      we installed qt and its dependencies manually.

      A document covering the required steps is included in our

      package, but be warned: it may take up to a coffee pot.


      As for now sccUART is not compatible with the linux serial

      driver (aka /dev/ttyS0). This is work in progress. Feel free

      to contribue.


      For any questions regarding sccUART:



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          Thanks. I'll try this out.


          Although not part of the standard MCPC distibution, we often get requests for qt installation. But when we've installed qt, we've used the Ubuntu Synaptic Package Manager. We've been able to build sccKit successfully with this installation. What do you gain by going directly to Nokia?

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            That had nothing to do with Nokia. I'm new to the platform and didn't know that software is installed upon request. When Thomas told me about it, it was already too late. We decided to keep the installation document nonetheless.