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    What is my RAID 1 array doing?



           I have 2 hard disks connected to the 2 6Gbps ports on my ASUS Sabertooth P67 motherboard and have created a RAID 1 array between the 2. I then installed windows on the array. I then took 2 of my old 3Gbps drives from theold computer and plugged them into the 3Gbps ports on my motherboard, to copy over some files. Then I shut down the computer and removed the drives. Then  when I started the computer again, the Intel Rapid Storage Technology software says that it is rebuilding, what is happening and is this normal?

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          You can try to reset this configuration, check CTRL I and see if the controller is detecting your old drives as part of the array. If it is, choose option to reset to Non RAID and try again.


          Once you choose reset to Non Raid, you will break RAID and you still have the option to create RAID array within Rapid Storage Technology