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    broken Capacitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      i broke a  capacitor on my dp45sg bord and need to know what size it is????  can any one help me out on this the support center says they cant help me cuse its out of date since june some one please help6b504edd2.png

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          It should be on the capacitor. It may be coded but it should be there. What characters are printed on it?

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            my 3 year old brok it off now i cant find it any where so thats y im asking if any one knows what size it is so i can get a new 1 to solder back on and ya i know how did a 3 year old get in the case well its cuz i dont have a side pannel the glass broke when fell off of my desk when i was cleaning lol

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              I would be more worried that it didn't get swallowed by the three year old -- especially if you can't find it.  It looks like the capacitor is electrolytic which I read is harmful. I would be phoning the doctor right now.

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                It takes a lot to break those off. I'm guessing there's more damage than that. Most likely printed circuit damage too. And +1 on the hazard; However, the capacitors are normally sealed pretty well.


                I think your best bet is to repost with the board type in the title. Folks with the same board are more apt to open the thread. You may get someone that has that board and is willing to look. I've never seen Intel make the circuit diagrams available so the only way to find out is directly from the factory or from someone that has one. But I seriously doubt the factory monitors this forum. The next step is to bite the bullet and buy a new board. Chalk it up to the cost of parenthood.

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                  hes a weird kid dosnt put any thing in his mouth but his passy lol not worred about him eating it lol plus i still dont know if it was him or some ting i did but ya it dose take a lot to rip them off so i dont know if he could of done it and not reck any thing else thats right next to it cuz every thing else is fine lol all i konw is that i woke up and there was no more capacitor and my pc wouldnt turn on lol till i pulled the 2 reaming studs apart then it turned on and is so far working fine