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    Intel graphics driver error issue

      my problem is i just bought a desktop a week ago. its config is
      intel core i5 2500k
      intel dh61ww mothertboard
      4 gb corsair ram 1333 mhz
      seagate 250  gb sata hdd
      iball cabinet with inbuilt smps 400W
      a samsung lcd b2030.
      windows 7 ultimate 64 bit edition .

      i  installed 64 bit intel grapihcs driver bundled on mobo cd. when it restarts after finishing installation, and desktop is fully loaded after installation finishes, few seconds later the scree blurs ,showing vertical lines obscuring the background screen , and keyboard mouse becomes non functional. if i  am using vga driver provided by windows 7  then it shows no issue but if i tries to install graphics driver , after restarting the computer the same problem reoccurs. i think there are some faults in motherboard. please help me to locate the problem.


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