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    cpu fan control not working




      This is my setup:


      Intel Motherboard DH67BL
      Intel Core I5 2600
      heatsink/fan original Intel (box)


      I'm doing some video conversions that require 100% of the processor and one thing is making me quite scared: even with 100% of the processor in use the rotation of the CPU fan continues around only 110rpm, even with the CPU temperature reaching impressive 82ºC. I stoped the process when it reached that temperature because I was afraid of burning the CPU!


      I checked BIOS settings and found that the control rotation of the fan was enabled with "auto." So, I changed to "manual" and set to 100% of the rpm at all times. In this scenario, when converting the same video, the fan rpm goes to 2300 rpm and the CPU temperature drops to 66ºC.


      Something is going wrong? It is normal for the fan speed remains unchanged even with the CPU temperature goes to a level so high?

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          Under normal circumstances the cpu fan should be running at  1000-1200 rpm and the normal settings (proposed) should be

          Under speed-threshold 250

          Minimum duty- cycle 20       

          max duty-cycle 100

          The processor temperature should be fine under those numbers, if you are see some higher temperatures, you can move the minimum duty-cycle to 100 and it can give you 2300-2400 RPM. Rendering and video converting are heavy application and is normal to see high temps, is good to keep an eye on that.

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            Please go into BIOS setup and respond with the settings for the CPU Temperature and the CPU Fan.