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    extremely poor RAID 1 performance with intel mobile express software raid setup


      i have a pari of WD 750GB scorpio black drives in my alienware m18x laptop in a RAID 1 configuration.  these drives bench about 100 MB/s with hdtune pro and crystal disk benchmark programs when not in raid.  under the RAID 1 array, their performance is cut by at least half!  average read benchmark is about 45 MB/s here.....


      i was under the belief that RAID 1 does not affect performance and that it should be comparible to that of a single drive.  i am running the latest intel rapid storage software, 10.6 and the executable file is called iata_cd_10.6.0.1022.


      i also have the chipset and intel management driver installed as well.  to rule out a faulty machine i placed the drives into another m18x with exact specs and it also benched poorly.


      this is on a fresh OS installation with no driver errors.