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    DX58SO2 RAID Failures after BIOS Update 0876


      Hi there,


      I updated my DX58SO2 from BIOS version 0817 to 0876 two days ago and had my RAID5 go "failed" after every reboot (3x now).

      SMART shows no errors for the hard drives (4x Western Digital WD15EARS) and I can revert the disks and the array to "normal" status and rebuild it after Windows has started. It works just fine after rebuilding, if I don't shut down my computer...


      My driver is version, the RAID rom got updated to


      I never had any RAID troubles on this mainboard before updating the BIOS to the most recent version and haven't changed any hardware or wiring.


      Can anyone confirm this is a bug in the new BIOS?

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          Did you have any problems before the BIOS update? Intel recommend BIOS update every time you have problem like incompatibility, Blue Screen Of Death, shutdowns or others, if the system is up and running there is no need for a new  BIOS version, even though there shouldn’t be any problems for doing it. I made a research and there are not reposts or known issues on this board with that BIOS so far. If the problem continues I would recommend to rollback the BIOS to the previews version and check results.