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    DP67BG: Corresponding Value Changes for Outlet and Aux Fan and Logitech G510


      Dear Intel Support Team,


      I received my brand new PC nearly 2 weaks ago.

      My trusted hardware dealer connected all fans to the motherboard.

      I did some finetuning regarding fan speeds and maybe found a bug in the BIOS.

      I even updated to Bios version 2040 (from 1900) last week but the issue is still there:


      When I change the value of the speed percentage for the rear chassis fan (connected to header H in the Technical Product Specification)

      this new value will also be set for the aux fan (Header KK) and vice versa.

      The Aux fan is an Enermax UCTB14 (140 mm, 750 rpm) and the rear fan is part of the chassis (Fractal  Design R3, 120 mm, 1350 rpm).

      My plan was to run the aux fan with 100% (because its a very silent fan) and the rear fan with 50%. But that is not possible. I will either have both running with 50% or with 100%.


      One other minor issue:

      I have a Logitech G510 keyboard. If I connect a headspeaker (maybe same for microfone, I don't know) directly to the keyboard, I cannot enter the Bios (pressing F2 will result in 2 short flashes of the Bios screen but the computer will continue to load to the Windows 7 login screen). The Bios event log has an entry: No keyboard found. But the keyboard works fine at the login screen of Windows 7 and afterwards.


      With best regards,



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          You can try the latest Intel BIOS version 2053 released 8/18/2011. Make sure all the fan (front, aux and rear) should have all 4 pins to be correctly managed. Have you try run the front and the rear fan and see if they can run at different RPMs?

          Now, in regards the G510 keyboard might be problem between hardware (board and keyboard). Hopefully can get fix  with the new BIOS.

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            Hi Ricardo,


            from what I hear regarding the new bios 2053 I will not try to update, because I have a MSI GTX560Ti.

            The identical front and rear fans can be adjusted separately as intended. So, no issue here.

            Right now the aux fan is directly connected to the power supply unit (12 V).

            If I change the percentage speed of the rear fan in the Bios, the aux fan percentage speed will also be changed to the same value and vice versa. It does not matter if a fan is connected or not. I will verify this later (when I am home) but I am sure this will happen.


            Maybe someone else here can check this as well. Just change the percentage speed value for your rear fan and then check if the aux fan value was also changed.


            Regarding the keyboard I only wanted to mention this strange behaviour. I think (but I am absolutely no expert regarding programming) the USB ports or the Realtek soundship are initialized too late. I guess the Logitech keyboard is trying to verify the connection between the ports (either headphones or microphone) and the soundship. This takes maybe too long and the windows loading will start.


            Thanks and regards,