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    Boot Delay With D865PERL After HD Replacement


      I just replaced my SATA I hard drive, in my D865PERLbased system, with a SATA II model (Western Digital Caviar Black 640 GBs).  There is now a ten second pause (a dark, blank screen) between the POST and the Windows XP splash screen when booting up.  In the BIOS setup I have my ATA/IDE configuration set for "Enhanced", since I have a PATA optical drive.  The SATA drive is set as the only boot device.  I don't mind waiting the extra ten seconds I'm just wondering if it's a symptom of another problem. What could be causing this delay?  I am using the latest BIOS for this motherboard (P21). Any help is greatly appreciated.


      WinXP Pro, SP3

      Intel 865PERL motherboard

      3.0 GHz P4 (800MHz FSB)

      2 GB dual channel DDR SDRAM

      GeForce 6600GT (AGP)

      640 GB WD SATA II HD (Caviar Black)