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    Intel Raid configuration


      Currently i am trying to rebuild a new hard disk for RAID 1 configuration based on the existing hard disk.  When i tried to rebuild it, the Intel Raid Utility show an error message "SBBM Table is full" and the status below the screen shows "Media error has been detect and added to SBBM table".  Can anyone advise me on what i should do in order to rebuild my new hard disk?  Is it caused by the Bad sector in the existing hard disk?

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          Soft Bad Block Management (SBBM)


          During a rebuild, if the MegaRAID BIOS Configuration Utility detects a media error on the source drive during rebuild, it initiates a sector read for that block. If the sector read fails, the MegaRAID BIOS Configuration Utility adds entries to the Soft Bad Block Management (SBBM) table, writes this table to the target drive, and displays an error message. Additional error messages are displayed if the SBBM table is 80% full or 100% full. If the SBBM table is completely full, the rebuild operation is aborted, and the drive is marked as FAIL.