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    Intel hd graphics 3000?!?


      Yea i just wanna ask you intel people why this graphics card sucks so bad? I mean i bought it in a macbook pro 13" 2011, when i was playing a game, yea it had LOOOWW frame rate. And when i tried it on my friends mbp 13" 2010, containing NVIDIA 256MB graphics card, compared to intel hd graphics 3000 (384MB) , it had NO LAG. So please, I have been waiting for a driver for this graphics card. So I hope you guys will make one which will improve performance, as your last driver was 13 of April. PLEASE, Intel.

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              I'm not from Intel, but as you know this integrated graphics are not designed to playing games they are to weak for this, they are very good for viewing desktop watching movies Blu-Ray's etc.

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                Try the latest drivers, the 2509. I know the hardware limits will prevent it from being better than the 320m but it shouldn't lag so far behind.

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                  You still not understand that amount of graphic memory didn't indicate how much 3D graphic performance. You can use Google to seach and learn what I say. Hope that will make you smarter.

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                    their quote, not mine their boasting...


                    Visually stunning graphics

                    Intel® HD Graphics,1 simplifies your designs by  eliminating additional discrete graphics hardware, while integrating  stunning visuals and performance for immersive2 gaming. That’s because the graphics engine and media processing in 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i3, Core™ i5, and Core™ i7 processors are integrated right on the processor. Intel® HD Graphics delivers up  to 3X performance over previous-generation Intel® HD Graphics2,3,4 – with additional headroom for future graphics applications. Plus, it  integrates advanced 3D processing for stunning visual experiences.


                    future graphics, I dont see is as they cant run the present graphics... advanced 3D dont see that either, unless you look at their previous attempts... Now if their not supported by new games when do I see the stunning visual expereiences... Why eliminate discrete graphics hardware cost? Cause Intel HD can't run new games and have yet to see the stunning visuals or performance, pfft my ps3 from 2006 does better then these graphics...

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                      oh oh this is their boasting ...




                      Intel® HD Graphics includes these innovative features and benefits:


                      • Accelerated graphics processing takes advantage of shared last-level cache between the processor and graphics.
                      • Intel® 32nm process technology throughout, delivers higher performance and better energy efficiency.
                      • Faster 3D rendering and more complex shading create more responsive and realistic 3D gaming.
                      • Intel® HD Graphics 3000 delivers immersive and casual mainstream  gaming capabilities with entry-level discrete graphics card performance  without an additional graphics card or chip.
                      • Intel® HD Graphics 2000 delivers casual mainstream gaming capabilities without an additional graphics card or chip.


                      You know I'm not seeing it...

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                        In some cases the issue with a game not working on Intel graphics is not Intel's fault.  Example:


                        PES games incorrectly detect the amount of graphics memory available on systems with integrated graphics - this is a bug in the game.  Integrated graphics solutions have access to up to half of the system ram (e.g. 1.7GB on a 4GB win7 system) - reported as "Total video memory".  The amount of memory that is reported as "Dedicated" on integrated graphics is actually a very small portion that is taken (aka "stolen") at boot for the driver to use for internal bookkeeping purposes.  Unfortunately, the developers of PES didn't understand that and so they assume that there is only 64MB of graphics memory available.  There is nothing Intel can do to "workaround" this issue other than work with the developer - which they apparently did ...


                        This issue fixed in a recent PES 2012 patch (2.01)- see video on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Bsws-ukCT8


                        As far as I know no patch is available for earlier PES versions.  Same bug exists in Grand Theft Auto IV.  On some systems, it is possible to configure the amount of "stolen" video memory higher via BIOS settings which will satisfy PES 2009-2011 and GTA IV.

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                          Oh, and for all the people who are sure that  "Intel graphics suck" - do some youtube searches - Intel HD 3000 plays the following at 1366x768 @ medium or better settings: Rage, Call of Duty games, Elder Scrolls:Skyrim, Portal 2, Mass Effect series, Dead Space, Far Cry 2, Starcraft2, WoW:Cataclysm, Left 4 Dead, Dirt 2/3, Bulletstorm, F1, Rift, Hard Reset,Duke Nukem Forever, Resident Evil, WarHammer:Space Marine, Medal of Honor, Driver: San Fransisco, Need For Speed World & Shift, Gears of War, Stalker, Amnesia, Borderlands, Devil May Cry IV, Fear 2/3, Bioshock 1&2, Fifa 2011, Flight Simulator X, Grid, Split Second, Blur.


                          Heck, if you are ok with low settings, you can play Metro 2033, Crysis/Crysis2, Assassin's Creed, NFS:Hot Pursuit, among others.  And of course it plays older/casual games great.


                          The fact that PES has bugs is not Intel's fault...

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                            I dont want to play the old games, I want to play the new games... like Battlefield 3... I believe my computer can run it... if INTEL would get support for their products, I believe they dropped the ball with EA games... Low setting would be fine but when an admin says I should call the game developers to get support, thats crap...  Intel should have had this done when the game was in beta... and in beta it was playable with Intel HD... I am still waiting for INTEL to stand up and do their job... SUPPORT for the end user...

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                              Regarding Performance Improvements:

                              Your original post (Aug 30) was about when drivers would be released that improved performance - as David C1 points out, Intel released new drivers that include perf improvements:

                     (Released Sep 3) - release notes specifically mention performance improvements


                              There is also a more recent driver:

                      (Released Oct 27)


                              Regarding Recent Games:

                              You say here that you want to play modern games.  Perhaps you should read my post more closely: CoD:MW3, Elder Scrolls V, Rage, Hard Reset, Fear 3, Space Marine, Driver: San Fransisco ... these are recent games by any reasonable definition.  And they play fine on Intel HD 3000.  This is the first post in the thread that mentions BF3....


                              Regarding BF3:

                              I know people at Intel who work in pre-release game compatibility and performance testing.  They are working with game developers on nearly all of the top 150 titles globally this year.  They did test BF3 pre-release and, as you say, it was working at beta and launch - then EA released a patch at the last minute and that change broke it on Intel graphics.  Intel is aware of the issue and debugging it.


                              Unfortunately game developers aren't yet in the habit of routinely testing their patches against Intel - though that will change if you and other consumers contact them and insist on it.  How about you voicing some of your passion towards EA?


                              In the mean time please try to act a little more civil/mature - shouting in giant fonts and all caps doesn't solve any thing.

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                                Thank you rootheday...


                                I wanted answers, and you provided them. I kept asking Intel for answers and got the run around or got you need a discrete card, or our video graphics can't run that. Everyone of Intels answers were copouts... Which were against their advertisments... Which frustrated me the most.



                                Unfortunately game developers aren't yet in the habit of routinely  testing their patches against Intel - though that will change if you and  other consumers contact them and insist on it.  How about you voicing  some of your passion towards EA? Could you provide a link where I could voice, or annoy... ( I'm sure Intel Admin would like for me to disappear )

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                                  The 330m wipes the floor with the 3000. Intel has not excuses as they have never created or given a rip about a good GPU or its performance. COD frame rates at 720p are almost double. Acually, the only game you listed that hangs with the 330m is SC2. Thats because its a CPU hungry game and most 320m's were on much lower powered C2D's.


                                  Intel shoud be ashamed of themselves with the childish actions against a GPU developer thay made/makes great products that enhance their products. But alas, they have to squeeze every drop of profit out of each board sold and could care less about the publics desire for a faster and better performing product.


                                  Perhaps they see the writting on the wall with ARM processors about to enter the computer market. Get all the cash you can guys while the gettings good.


                                  Seriously, how many laptops are sold this and next year with an hd 3000. I would suggets about 80%. So, even if its 60% runnibg the same card, why undevelop the drivers and or deliver such a botched product. And, if development was such a challenge, why noy outsource the developmwnt to a company that cares about getting that specific function correct. That would at least give them somthing to build on.

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                                    Even though my computer can run everything, with support, this experence turned me and my friends off to Intel HD with their non support. I have a friend that wanted to buy a mac, I told him to look at the specs of the video graphics, he quicly changed his mind cause even though there was a discrete card in it, he saw Intel HD and quickly changed his mind.


                                    I was shocked that my computer can run Skyrim in medium setting with out a problem... How ever not having support for newer products, or patches is a real turn off...


                                    I did turn my friend onto Nvidia's new processor, and a Nvidias Graphics on board or not, they have the best graphics and drivers... I bet they will even be supported...


                                    But time will tell, as word passes from friend to friend about the Intel graphics not gamming compatable... and no support for their products...


                                    As it stands their are other companies to support for our future needs in computing... AMD and now Nvidia.... its no longer a Intel world.


                                    (you know I feel more comfortable with Nvidia making processors cause their video graphics are the best, I hope and intel is not even competition in that league... and their drivers blow Intel out of the water... )

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