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      I've been trying to find the source for this driver for quite some time now, specifically for Fedora 15. Yes, I have looked at the srpm for fc15, but no I did not locate the driver. The drivers on sourceforge do not include the 1.3.10-k2.


      If anyone can point me directly to where I can download this driver source code I would be very thankful.


      (Note: this is the driver that was installed after a clean install and yum update, but I am not sure where it was retrieved from. I need the source because the kernel is now 2.6.40 instead of 2.6.38)


      Much thanks!

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          Hello Tushar,


          The driver source you're looking for is indeed in the kernel source, however you've got to do more than just install the srpms; you'll need to go through some of the motions involved in building a custom kernel before the source files become visible.


          We've summarized the build steps in Section 1.2 of the whitepaper linked here.  Follow steps 1-6, and you should find the desired source in the 'drivers/net/e1000e' subdirectory of the kernel source folder.


          Good luck!