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    Pentium 4 Upgrade




      I have a Dell Dimension with an 0J3492 motherboard and an Intel Pentium 4 cpu 3.4GHz, 1mb cache  800mHz, LGA775.  Can I upgrade this cpu to a Pentium 4 661, Cedar Mill, 3.60 GHz, 2mb cache  also 800 MHz and LGA775.


      I know that the first chip is 32 bit and the second 64, but have been unable to find a spec for the motherboard on the web to see if it will support a 64 bit chip.


      Also, would I need to upgrade the heatsink?


      Any assistance gratefully received.



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          You need to check with the motherboard manufacturer, in this case DELL*, for a list of supported processors for your DELL* system.

          Keep in mind that the fact that 2 processors are bases on same socket, does not make them compatible with the same motherboard, so that is why all system manufactures and motherboard manufacturers have a list of tested processors for their motherboards.

          Regarding 2nd question, you might need to use different fan/heatsink.

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            Thanks Adolpho for your reply.  I'll direct my enquiry to Dell.