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    i5 2500K Thermals



      I recently purchased an i5 2500k and used the supplied heat sink and fan for the installation. When idle I was getting temps of 40Cs 50Cs, and during load (playing TF2) I was getting 90C and more but always under 100C. People said the temp wasn't right and so I reseated the heat sink with Arctic Silver 5. I've been running it for about 2 hours now, and when I go to TF2 I'm still getting temps of mid 90Cs, and idle now is higher, being mid 60Cs. I know AS5 takes some time to cure, but 60 idle and 90 load is still too high for curing stages. People suggested that the chip I got was defective in terms of heating, what do you guys think? I use Realtemp, HWMonitor, and SpeedFan to watch the temps, they were all the same. Thanks


      Case. Fortress ft03

      Memory. 4x 4GB Corsair Vengeance

      Mobo. Z68MA-D2H-B3

      Video. MSI GTX 580 Lightning

      Power. CoolerMaster Pro 1000W

      Case as 3 internal 120mm fans, case built in stacked style with IOs on top.

      Video has 2 fans.

      Wires are not blocking fans.

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          recommend to:

          1. Raise the FAN speed (should lower temperatures to mid 70's at 2500rpm) if it is stuck to 1200Rpm by threshold set too low.

          2. Lower the cpu voltage 1.200V -> 1.050V (power usage will drop by 25%)



          people reports indicate that bios update can lower the temperature readings of the cores thermal sensor on asus board, so I'm not completely convinced as of how easily affected this is. Usually it is not something affected by a bios update anyway, so it doesn't make sense at this point. What a realtemp reporting software does is take into consideration the reading of Distance to tJmax (98C) so there is no margin for error if the program is aware as of what the tJmax value is and subtract the reported value to reveal the actual temperature of each core.


          CPU around 40-50's is considered to be normal at room temperature of 30C. Usually replacing the factory grease yields worse results.


          Do you honestly believe that the BOX cooler can cool 95 Watt CPU. Not really.

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            Reseated the heat sink again. This time using card method to spread. Getting way better results. Idle mid to high 30's but touching 20's now. Load high touching 70's. Stock heat sink too small to use press down method, had to ensure good spread on entire CPU. Ambient room temp is around 20, usually even colder. How do you change fan speed based on pwm in BIOS? Thanks