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      we have the DX58SO2 some weeks now and there is a strange issue I don't understand.

      Is has to do with power up and down:

      1) Power Up
      When we power the computer up, it does not power up the right way all the time.

      When it powers up the right way,
      the fans go on, the HD LED lights up for a while and then the screen goes on.

      But sometimes, the fans go on, the HD LED just lights up shortly and the screen keeps black, the board waits for ever.
      We press the reset button then, and often it powers up then the right way.
      Sometimes we have to repeat this several times until the computer powers up.

      After getting stuck with this power up problem, we have the case now after some weeks
      that we have to repeat power up very often to start the computer.
      If we press the reset button, it even powers down and powers on afterwards, what it didn't do before. Before it made the rest and kept powered up.
      Also when pressing the power button sometimes the computer powers on the fans are going, then it powers down and powers on again, like 2 tries.

      2) Power Down
      When we got the board new, we were powering the computer down and pressed the power button.
      Directly afterwards it powered down. Normally we would have to press the power button several seconds contantly before the computer powers down.
      The short push to the powerbutton would shut Windows down, if configured like this, but not the hardware shutdown immediately.

      Now some weeks gone, the computer shuts only down, if you press the power button several seconds contantly like it should be.
      How did this change? It's OK now, but why was it wrong in the beginning.

      I find these issues a little bit strange, and wonder if this has to do with the power supply (Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 750W).
      I have ordered another psu (Enermax 700W). Our distributor said, may be the Dark Power Pro is not fast enough.

      What could be the reason of these strange behaviors?
      Has this something to do with the BIOS,

      Or has this to do with the board by itself?

      Atleast it makes no fun to start, shutdown, start again and so on to get the computer powered up.
      I think this is not good for the HDs, board and other components. I fear, that this can even damage devices.

      Hope i could explain everything understandable (english is not my mother language).

      Thanks for your assistance.

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          The boot/shutdown problem does point to a power supply problem. Testing a different one would be a great place to begin troubleshooting.


          Also, the problem could be related to incompatible system memory. Please provide us with your processor model, and with the specifications of your RAM (brand, model, speed, size, voltage and timings). to confirm if it is supported.

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            hi Jose,


            thanks for answering.


            i also think it has to do with the psu.


            cpu=core i7-960


            cpu and ram work exellent.


            i get my new psu tomorrow.


            thanks again


            take care

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              this is really a strange issue.

              i'm electronician and i feel with a machine,

              may be stupid, but this way i try to understand a machine.


              this helped me often to find the reason, why an electronic device don't work right.




              this power up/down problem is really strange, cause it changed it's manner in the last week,

              even without any intervention by me.


              at the beginning (with the second psu 750W) it powered up 20 times well and about 5 times failed.


              then the day before yesterday it became worse and i could nearly not power up,

              had to repeat always several times.


              then since yesterday the pc powers up all the time allright till today, without any fail.


              it powered up fine and yesterday evening i updated the bios to the newest version from august.


              i will look if it keeps like this,

              i was not sure if perhaps also a problem in the bios could cause such a problem,

              or if it was just psu related.


              thanks again


              see you

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                I have noticed that the RAM that you are using is not fully supported by the processor you have. Even if the Intel(R) Desktop Board DX58SO2 supports high system memory speeds, your current processor supports only DDR3-800/1066Mhz RAM. This compatibility conflict could also be the culprit.

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                  the ram is full compatible.




                  You can see the 4GB module listed for DX58SO2. We have six of them in a kit: KHX1600C9D3K6/24GX




                  (Programmable CAS Latency: 5,6,7,8,9,10)


                  i have selected it after another user of the dx58so2 has reported from his new computer setup, which works exellent with the bios auto parameters.

                  he had two 3-module 12GB kits.

                  i just changed this to one 6-module kit.


                  the kingston ram offers 3 timing tables for 400, 533 and 666 and a xmp for 800.


                  the cpu supports 400 and 533, and selects by auto bios the 533 time table.


                  this fits 100% even with 24 gb.




                  finally we found out, that the problem seems to come from the psu.


                  first we had a 580 w, which caused heavy problems, power up and even reboot of windows from time to time.

                  the second psu was a 750 w, nomore reboot of windows problem, but still bad power up and strange behaviors. (certainly defect)


                  we have now a:


                  Enermax Modu87 + 700 W



                  we have powerup 100% OK several days now, only slow fan and no heat of the psu, say much power reserve.


                  finding out the best psu was not easy. the psu calculators report quite different.


                  our configuration works 100% with bios auto settings, a good tip for users:



                  Core i7-960


                  Enermax Modu87 + 700 W


                  wow !!!!



                  for the users of grafic cards which eat lot power, you can select the psu models 800 or 900 W

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                    i found out, reproducable, where this problem comes from.


                    Indeed it comes from the utilisation of the XTU.


                    I only was setting up a cooling system for our needs.

                    Afterwards I hit the APPLY button left the XTU and shutdown windows.


                    Next time i power on the machine it makes the same problems like 3 days before and reported at the beginning of this thread.


                    I just setup in the cooling system static all fans to 100% (same effect as disabling fan control)


                    It's reproducable 100%.


                    XTU has a bug and seems to write parameters into BIOS which cause this problem to occur.


                    The way to come back to a proper system i cannot describe reproducable.

                    Loading bios, loading default parameters, i tried this all ...


                    the problem was not a PSU issue, nothing damaged anywhere,

                    just this BUGGY XTU causes this problem.


                    In another thread I have already reported about the bug in XTU concerning the cooling system.

                    I have also sent a report to intel support email address you gave me.



                    I did not realize, that this bug is even worse, than I thought.

                    It's not just a NOT permanent working cooling control.


                    It disables proper power On of the whole computer.

                    I'm sure, that these are not only the cooling settings causing this problem.

                    There must be other bios parameters the XTU writes faulty into BIOS causing this problem.


                    May be it changes the memory settings or cpu, which i have never touched.

                    i was just trying to setup our personal cooling system.


                    OK I found out, where the problem comes from.

                    I would not recommend to use the XTU else than just a monitor software.


                    Every "APPLY" is a big risk to hurt the BIOS.


                    I would be very thankful, if you could pass this problem to the responsables and warn the users until this bug is repaired.


                    Like said,

                    the way back to a proper system i cannot describe 100%.

                    but sure loading the bios with F7 and loading the default settings i always made to get back,

                    but it nust be more to come back to the state before using XTU with APPLY first time.


                    if i have more info i will post it here.


                    if you know the way back, just let me know, please.


                    so please inform the responsables.


                    so long


                    take care



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                      which CPU do you recommend to run my RAM KHX1600C9D3K6/24GX at 800/1600 or higher ?

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                        The information that is available on Kingston's website appears to be incorrect.


                        The motherboard itself might support DDR3-1600Mhz RAM on the memory slots, however, as you might be aware, the Memory Controller on your system is not located on the board but on the processor itself. In that case, it is the processor that determines RAM compatibility, not only the board.


                        Your Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 processor supports DDR3-800/1066Mhz RAM only, with a voltage of 1.5V. The maximum supported voltage is 1.575V, and higher values will damage the processor.


                        We have not confirmed any issues with the Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility, and I still believe the problems you are having might be caused my the incompatible memory.


                        If you have started a support Service Ticket with our email support department, please let us know so that we can close this thread.

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                          the board has been running fine exept sometimes power on fails in the beginning.


                          now the problem becomes worse and worse.


                          we have tested also other memory with exactly the same problems appearing.


                          the kingston i run in auto nothing manual and the bios uses the standard JEDEC profile for 1066.


                          so the memory are used exactly in the specs of the Core i7-960.


                          the problem is either a hardware problem of the board or a problem with the bios.


                          we build computers for ten years,


                          we had never problems like with this board.




                          this board is NOT overclocked.

                          another user has exactly the same memory from Kingston and even put a description of his FINE WORKING system here in the forum.






                          other users have the same problem like we have WITB OTHER RAMS AND CPUS

                          and they got their problems solved in most cases by getting the board repaired by Intel.








                          this is exactly my problem.


                          there are quite a couple of these threads here in the forums about just the same problem.

                          they should be joined together for better information.


                          This is a board problem and it makes no sense to say that these rams were not tested from Intel.

                          Ofcorse not, cause the list of tested rams is pretty poor and no help to setup a system with large ram size, like our 24GB.



                          When the board runs it is very stable and relieable and passes all torture tests without any problem.

                          We had absolutely no exeptional situation in Windows in our studio and producing work with powerful software.



                          Our ram is within the specs of the CPU with a JEDEC 1066 table.

                          The RAM is not the reason for this problem !!!!



                          QUOTE:<If you have started a support Service Ticket with our email support department, please let us know so that we can close this thread.>


                          JUST UNBELIEVABLE, Sir




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                            The Kingston KHX1600C9D3

                            is tested by Intel.


                            The only difference to KHX1600C9D3K6 (our ram)

                            is, that we have 6 modules of this ram. K6 stands for 6er Kit.


                            All of the i7 CPUs are for 1066 and work fine with JEDEC standards 1066.


                            So the ram is compatible, and 100% not the reason for our problem.


                            The Power ON/OFF mechanism is electronicly damaged, what you can see,

                            that the board switches OFF ATONCE, when you push the ON/OFF button.


                            Normal would be, that you have to press this button several seconds long until the board switches OFF.


                            This has absolutely nothing to do with Rams.



                            i find it a strange habitude always to tell it's a ram issue, if you don't know the real reason.



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                              the "double bump 00 cold boot hang" issue is known since April this year:




                              the XTU issue has been confirmed by email to me. they think about inserting the advanced cooling parameters to the bios for resolving the problem.



                              how can you ignore known facts and post stereotype memory reasons?



                              we get more informations from other users than from you.



                              we really want to help making Intel products better and more relieable.



                              But not with desinformation ...