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    CPU Upgrade


      I have a Aspire 5810TZ-4657. I want to upgrade my CPU and I looked but I  want to be sure I'm getting the right upgrade. Here is details from  CPU-Z

      Thank you

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          I was unable to find any attachment on your post, but anyways please keep in mind that the motherboard manufacturer is the one that determines which processors will be fully compatible with the motherboard.

          So I would suggest contacting the motherboard manufacturer for them to provide you a list of fully supported processors for your motherboard, that way you can select a compatible processor for your system.

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            I contacted them and they said they didn't know :/ She said to just go to a store and check...


            Here is the image link:



            If that doesnt work, the manufacter is Acer and the chipset is GS45. I came with Intel® Pentium® mobile processor SU2700. Please let me know if I can upgrade, thank you.

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              Unfortunately I cannot open the attachment because of the firewall on my system.

              Please keep in mind that the compatibility is not determined by the chipset, this is only determined by the motherboard (laptop) manufacturer, they are the ones that test all processors on their systems in order to determine which ones will work on those systems.

              Currently we can only provide compatibility information regarding Intel processors and Intel desktop motherboards.

              Unfortunately, there is no way for us to determine which specific processor will work on a system that we do not manufacture.

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                Pentium SU2700 is packaged in a BGA package. CPUs in this package are usually soldered on a motherboard, and cannot be replaced without special equipment, i.e. they are not upgradeable.