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    About SCC power measurement




      I want to ask a few questions about SCC power measurement.


      1. Is there any way to read power consumption for each SCC core or voltage domain?


      2. Is there any document explaining the numbers shown by "sccBmc -c status"?

      <Tertiary supplies> seems to show the voltage value of each voltage domain. But what do the numbers <Primary supplies> and <Secondary supplies> show mean?

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          A quick search on this site returned three docs that should address your interest.







          The first is in the symposia section, others in documents.
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            Hi, Jim.


            Thanks for the reply.


            I have one more question.


            Can I find out how much the sampling rate of the power reading is?


            It seems that a sensor or something detects the power values and stores it at the system registers mentioned in the documents you got me, and "sccBmc -c status" just reads the values of the registers.

            Then at what rate does the sensor detect and save the power values to the registers?

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              I updated Part 9 of the sccKit 1.4.x User's Guide http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-6253. Look at Section 9.7.

              BTW, the only reason we have split the sccKit docs into Parts is because the pdf is as large as it is and earlier (not now I think) had trouble uploading large files.


              For the BMC status command (the one you get with sccBMC -c status) the update cycle is on the order of seconds. When you put the BMC into "measurement" mode (described in Section 9.7), the update cycle can vary depending on what you want to read, but it is on the order of milliseconds. Measurement mode is also described in the pdf that Jim referenced.